Attention! Prior to commissioning check firmware versions of alarm control units for their compliance with FireSec software. In case of firmware non- compliance it should be upgraded.
Up to date firmware of devices is installed together with SW FireSec and located in its system folder.

You can always ask for recent firmware versions in technical support service via telephone 8- 800-600-12-12, e-mail or through the chat on our web site.

Software for configuring and monitoring of ASFASC controller Rubezh-2OP prot.R3

FIRESEC software
For objects where the Boundary system is installed based on the following devices:

Rubezh-2OP prot.R3 version 1.25
Rubezh-KAU1 prot.R3 version 1.25
Rubezh-KAU2 prot.R3 version 1.25
Rubezh - Master version 1.8
Rubezh-BI version 2.18
Rubezh-BIU version 2.18
Rubezh-PDU version 2.12
Rubezh-PDU-PT version 2.10
MS-1 version 4.18
MS-2 version 4.18
MS-3 version 3.4
MS-4 version 3.4
MS-KP version 2.10
MS-Ye version 1.10
UOO-TL version 2.6

Software for configuring and monitoring FireSec 6

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