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Fire alarm control and indication units

  • Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500
    Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel is intended for control of addressable fire devices and modules, collection, processing and control of information. One system can include up to 21 panels R3500 (it can be in design variants R3510, R3520 or R3530). The panels can be united into a single system if two independent FCPBus interfaces are used.
    Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500
  • Operator Control Panel OCP
    The Operator Control Panel (OCP) is intended for expansion of functions of the Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500. OCPs are connected to R3500 via two independent MMIBus interfaces and are used as backup remote control panels. Additionally, if necessary, up to eight Operator Indication Panels OIP40 can be connected via two independent CLBus interfaces.
    Operator Control Panel OCP
  • Operator Indication Panel OIP40
    The Operator Indication Panel (OIP40) is intended for presentation (displaying) of status of the fire alarm addressable system’s zones on a built-in LED display by 40 cells with status indicators. It is connected to the Operator Control Panel OCP via the CLBus interface.
    Operator Indication Panel OIP40