Additional equipment

Loop Isolator LI
Loop Isolator LI
Unipolar loop circuit Loop Isolator LI is designed to be used within address communication lines RS-R3 of receiving and control devices R3500 incorporated into fire alarm and fire extinguishing system RUBEZH. Loop circuit insulator  insulates short-circuited sections of address communication line thus ensuring functioning of the rest part of a communication line. When short circuit condition is reset, loop circuit insulator automatically restores functioning of address communication line.
Portable programmer  PP
Portable programmer PP
Programming unit for addressable Portable programmer  PP is intended for setting, viewing and changing of addressable devices addresses: Optical Smoke Detector OSD64, Heat Detector HD29, Optical/heat detector OHD64, Manual Call Point MCP11, Input module IM1, IM4, Output Module OM1 and OM4.

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