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Additional equipment

  • IZ-1 prot.R3
    Unipolar loop circuit insulator IZ-1 prot.R3 is designed to be used within address communication lines RS-R3 of receiving and control devices Rubezh-2OP prot.R3, Rubezh-KAU1 prot.R3, and Rubezh-KAU2 prot.R3 incorporated into fire alarm and fire extinguishing system RUBEZH. Loop circuit insulator  insulates short-circuited sections of address communication line thus ensuring functioning of the rest part of a communication line. When short circuit condition is reset, loop circuit insulator automatically restores functioning of address communication line.
    IZ-1 prot.R3
  • Optical tester OT-1
    Optical tester OT-1 is intended for remote testing of addressable fire detectors of Rubezh brand. The tester is powered from three AG 13 batteries with rated voltage of 1.5 V.
    Optical tester OT-1
  • Programming unit for addressable devices PKU-1 prot.R3
    Programming unit for addressable devices PKU-1 prot. R3 is intended for setting, viewing and changing of addressable devices addresses: fire smoke detectors IP 212-64 prot.R3, heat detectors IP 101-29 prot.R3, combined type detectors IP 212/101-64- PR prot.R3, manual detectors IPR 513-11 prot.R3, address marks АМ-1, АМ-4 prot.R3, relay modules РМ-1, РМ-4 prot.R3, and all other addressable devices prot. R3.
    Programming unit for addressable devices PKU-1 prot.R3