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Radio channel extension pieces

  • KRK-4-BS PROT.R3, KRK-30-ALS prot.R3
    Radio channel modules KRK-4-BS PROT.R3 and KRK-30-ALS (former called MRK-30-ALS) prot.R3 are designed to expand address communication line of Rubezh-2OP prot.R3 devices using radio channels.
    KRK-4-BS PROT.R3, KRK-30-ALS prot.R3
  • MRK-30A prot. R3
    Radio channel module MRK-30A prot. R3 is designed to integrate RS-R3 protocol of "Aleksa" system radio channel devices into address system.
    MRK-30A prot. R3