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Smoke exhaust automatics

  • MDU-1 prot. R3, MDU-1S prot. R3
    Control modules of smoke exhaust valves MDU-1 prot.R3, MDU-1S prot.R3 are designed to control valve gate in manual mode via remote control buttons or in automatic mode using receiving and control device. It is designed to operate as a part of address system controlled by receive-control alarm device Rubezh-2OP prot.R3.
    MDU-1 prot. R3, MDU-1S prot. R3
  • ShUN/V prot. R3
    The addressable fire-fighting control cabinet ShUN/V prot. R3 is designed for control of electric motors for a drain pump, a jockey pump, a fire-fighting pump, and a plenum-exhaust ventilation fan or a smoke exhaust fan within addressable systems controlled by fire alarm control unit "Rubezh-2OP" prot.R3 or independently.
    ShUN/V prot. R3