OM4 Output Module

OM4 addressable relay module is designed to control actuators incorporated into the fire alarm systems. It is designed to operate as a part of addressable system controlled by the R3500 receiving and control alarm device.
Power supply From ACL (24 - 36 V)
Number of OM4 relay outputs 4
OM1 current consumption in standby mode, no more than: 0,38 mА
Each OM4 relay can switch:
 -direct current of 24 V
 -alternating current of 230 V

from 2 А
from 0,25 А
OM4 module overall dimensions, no more than 125х78х37 mm
OM4 module weight, no more than 100 g
Operating temperature range -25 to +55°С
Average service life, at least 10 years

Addressable relay module is a programmable device. It is aligned by the user when configuring the system from a computer or from a control and indicating device.

Relay module is a remotely operated switch.

Addressable relay module allows connection of PCS any actuators which can be controlled on relay level, provided their current and voltage meet the technical characteristics of the relay. Besides, relay module enables transmission of different system states to external equipment and central monitoring console.

Relay module has LED indicating the communication with control and indicating panel and indication of the activated state of the relay.

Addressable mark power supply as well as signals transmission to receiving and control panel is realized via a unipolar communication line.

The OM4 relay module may be installed in DIN rail using special securing bar (not in the scope of supply; may be provided by separate order).

Relay activation can be caused by different events in the system (zone), e.g., fire, warning, activation of fire-extinguishing module automatics, alarm, arming, disarming, lamp, devices actuation (AM-1T, MDU-1, ShUZ) etc.

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