IOM22 Input Output Module

IOM22 is an input-output device designed to control external actuators and monitor their status with two loops.
Supply voltage 20 to 36VDC
Number of relay outputs 2
Relay contact rated load capacity
 at 30 VDC
 at 125 VAC

Number of inputs 2
Quiescent current 400 μA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 84 x 125 x 37 mm
Weight 100 g

The IOM22 module ensures:

  • Status monitoring of the conventional fire alarms and other devices with voltage free output;
  • External actuators control.

iom 1.jpg

An example of device application for controlling conventional linear alarms connected to IOM22 via a four-wire scheme. Each of the two alarm circuits of the IOM22 module monitors status of its linear alarm and de-energizes it in case of response by power circuit breakage.

Each of IOM22 relay output is adjusted independently and can be switched on or off by any system event. 


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