Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500

Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500
Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500
Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500
Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel is designed to control the addressable fire devices and modules as well as to collect and process information. One system can include up to 21 R3500 panels (it can be designed in three variants: R3510, R3520 or R3530). The panels can be united into a single system in case two independent FCPBus interfaces are used.
The R3500 panel has a metallic casing.
The R3500 panel (hereinafter R3500) is manufactured in three design variants: 
  • R3510 – with a blind door, remote operator control panels and OIP40 indication panels;
  • R3520 – with a control panel built-into the instrument door and remote OIP40 indication panels; 
  • R3530 – with operator control panel and remote OIP40 indication panel built-into the instrument door. 

Up to 10 units can be mounted into the Fire Alarm Control Panel depending on the necessary functions.

The following units are mounted by default:
  • PSU-5 - power supply unit;
  • PMU-5 - power management unit;
  • PCU-R3 - peripheral control unit.
The units mounted in the Fire Alarm Control Panel optionally (max 8 pcs in total):
  • REL-16 - relay unit;
  • NET-2 (net unit) –FCPBus interface unit;
  • MMI-2 (man machine interface unit) –MMIBus interface unit;
  • PCU-R3 - peripheral control unit;
  • LAN-1 - local area network unit.

Depending on the design variant of the R3500 panel, it can be equipped with the OCP operator control panel. The OCP is connected via the MMIBus interface. The distance between R3500 and OCP shall not exceed 1000 m. 

Each R3500 panel supports connection of the OIP40 indication panels. Up to 8 indication panels can be connected to the R3510 and R3520 design variants. The R3530 panel includes one indication panel by default, therefore only up to 7 OIP40 indication panels can be connected to it.

The PCU-R3 unit as part of R3500 is operated with the following addressable devices:
  • Optical Smoke Detector OSD64;
  • Heat Detector HD29;
  • Optical/heat detector OHD64;
  • Manual Call Point MCP11;
  • Input module IM1, IM4;
  • Input Output Control module IOCM43;
  • Output Module OM1, OM4;
  • Power Output Module POM1;
  • Output control module OCM1, OCM4;
  • Input Output Module IOM22;
  • Loop Isolator LI.

For addressing the devices connected via the PCU-R3 unit to the R3500 panel, the PP portable programmer is applied.

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