Operator Indication Panel OIP40

The Operator Indication Panel (OIP40) is intended for presentation (displaying) of status of the fire alarm addressable systems zones on a built-in LED display by 40 cells with status indicators. It is connected to the Operator Control Panel OCP via the CLBus interface.
Power supply from CLBus interface or 24 V external power source
Consumption current, up to 1.8 W
Maximum length of the CLBus interface:  
Power supply via interface 10 m
Power supply from external source 500 m
Maximum number of IOP40 connected to:  
R3510 8 pcs 7 pcs
R 3520, R3530  
Maximum number of OIP40 connected to OCP 8 pcs
Dimensions (WHD), mm 320×253×33
Weight, up to 1.2 kg
The Operator Indication Panel OIP40 has a plastic case.
The main functions of OIP40:
  1. Signals acceptance from the R3500 or OCPs panels;
  2. Two LED indicators of the controlled fire zones status;
  3. Separate LED indication of Fire and Fault signals;

  4. Possibility to sign indicators on the front panel;
  5. 40 indicators on the front panel.

The indication panel design is shown below:

The indication panel has 40 cells. Each cell is provided with two indicators red one (Fire) and yellow one (Fault), and a window with an indicated zone designation. A written or printed list of zones is placed under the indication panels transparent protective film.

During configuration, each pair of indicators can be assigned to indicate status of any zone controlled by the instrument. At the same time, status indication of every zone can be assigned to any number of the indicator pairs of any indication panel.

Indication modes Zone status
Red and yellow indicators are off Norm
Red indicator is steadily on Fire
Yellow indicator blinks Fault
Yellow indicator is steadily on Turned off

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