Operator Control Panel OCP

The Operator Control Panel (OCP) is intended for expansion of functions of the Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500. OCPs are connected to R3500 via two independent MMIBus interfaces and are used as backup remote control panels. Additionally, if necessary, up to eight Operator Indication Panels OIP40 can be connected via two independent CLBus interfaces.
Power supply 24 V
Consumption current, up to 3 W
Maximum length of MMIBus interface 1000 m
Maximum number of OCPs connected to:
R 3520, R3530

8 pcs
7 pcs
Maximum number of OIP40 connected to OCP 8
Dimensions (WхHхD), mm 320×253×33
Weight, up to 1.3 kg
The Operator Control Panel has a plastic case. The main functions of OCP:
  1. Reception of signals from the Fire Alarm Control Panel R3500;
  2. Transmission of the operator’s commands via the MMIBus interface to the panel R3500.
  3. Backup of the controls of R3500.
  4. Indication of R3500’s status by a built-in display and audio signals.

The panel can both be mounted on the panel R3500’s case (at the manufacturing plant only) and operate with R3500 as a separate device connected to it via the MMIBus interface.

If the instrument R3500 is used in the variant R3510, up to eight OCPs can be connected via the MMIBus interface. If the design variants R3520 or R3530 are used, the maximum number of the external OCPs is 7.

The maximum distance between the last in a row OCP and R3500 connected via the MMIBus interface shall not exceed 1000 m.

The MMIBus interface can be backed up. For the interface backup, two independent lines are used; shielded twisted pair shall be used for the lines.

If the OCP in a plastic case is used, its power supply is provided by a 24 V external power source. If the OCP is mounted directly in the R3500’s case the power is supplied by the built-in unit PMU-5.

Up to eight indication panels OIP40 can be connected to each OCP connection can be made via the CLBus interface. The maximum distance from the OCP to the eighth panel OIP40 shall not exceed 10 m.

CLBus is a ring interface. The power to the panels OIP40 is supplied directly from the CLBus line.

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