MCP11 Manual Call Point

The MCP11 addressable fire detector manual call point is designed for manual Fire signal activation in addressable fire and security alarm systems. It is designed to operate as a part of addressable system controlled by the R3500 receiving and control alarm panel.
Power supply from ACL (28 - 36 V)
Button pressure force, at least 25 N
LED flashing rate in "Fire" mode 2 Hz
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 888645 mm
Weight, no more than 100 g
Operating temperature range from -25 to +55
Average service life, at least 10 years

Design and manufacturing process of call points, designed for multiple activation and deactivation, ensures device trouble-free operation for almost unlimited period of time.

The MCP11 addressable manual call point consists of a base, a case, and a safety cover. The base comprises a PCB with radio elements and a terminal block for two-wire ACL cabling.

The manual call point transmits a Fire signal to the fire alarm control panel when the button is pressed.

The Fire signal is cleared by the button reset by the key included in the scope of supply. To return the button, insert the key into a hole located in the button center and press on it until the button clicks off.

A red LED is provided to indicate operating conditions and trouble-free operation of the addressable manual call point, which flashes once every 3-5 s in NORMAL state and twice every 1 s in FIRE state.

Power supply of the detector and Fire signal transmission are ensured via ACL.

Call point design provides its sealing.

MCP11 manual call point is produced in a red case.


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