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MRO-2M prot. R3

MRO-2M prot. R3
Addressable personnel address modules MRO-2M prot. R3 is designed to arrange automatic emergency voice announcement system to alert people about emergency conditions occurred for effective evacuation control. It is designed to operate as a part of address system controlled by receiving and control devices Rubezh-2OP prot. R3.
External power supply voltage 10,7-30 V
Power consumed from external source in stand-by mode 2 W
Peak current consumption form external source in announcing mode, at most 4,5 А
Current consumption from the DCL, at most 330 μA
Number of event channels 1
Number of voice messages / total duration of voice messages, at most 8 / 2 min
Setting of voice messages repeating number От 0 до 255 (0-endless)
Module for sound assembly resistance, at least 4 Ohm
Resistance of line to module for sound, at most 3 Ohm
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 170x108x42 mm
Weight, no more than 220 g
Operating temperature range from -25 to +55°С
Operating temperature range 10 years
From the functional point of view, personnel address modules MRO-2M prot. R3 represents annunciator controlled both remotely via DCL by receiving and control device and locally using buttons START and STOP.
Within the system, module may be master (controlled signal source) or slave (controlled signal amplifier). MRO-2M prot. R3 has output to speakers and activates voice announcement system in case of fire.
Addressable personnel address modules MRO-2M prot. R3 ensures the following:

  • modules for sound or assemblies connection provided that total resistance is at least 4 Ohm;
  • linear input may be used as ordinary power amplifier;
  • linear output to connect slave MRO-2M prot. R3;
  • continuity test up to modules for sound;
  • two outputs are provided to connect START and STOP buttons with continuity testing function for announcing local start and stop;
  • possibility to record any voice message in the memory of device;
  • automatic launch of voice message playback by signal sent by receiving and control device;
  • Light indicators of module operation states and communication with central device.

MRO-2M prot. R3 module may be connected only with passive modules for sound with no auxiliary radio elements within the connection circuit (condensers, coils, transformers).
As -supplied, module has one pre-recorded announcement.
MRO-2M prot. R3 may retain up to 8 (incl.) announcements. SW update and announcements recording is realized by means of program "Конфигуратор МРО2М.exe" using USB channel.
The module is supplied from external power source.
On the front side of the module, there are LEDs COMMUNICATION (СВЯЗЬ) and NORM (НОРМА) .


  • when TEST button is pressed - LED flashes during (2-3)s; 
  • When data are being communicated via DCL - LED flashes at 5s frequency;
  • When no data are being communicated via DCL - LED is off.

NORM LED is green:

  • in stand-by mode LED is steady on;
  • in case of failure LED is blinking at a frequency of 2 Hz;
  • In 3 s after CALIBRATION (КАЛИБРОВКА) button pressing (learning MS resistance), three short flashes will be.

Source selection, voice message number to be sent to module for sound is realized by device command (in automatic mode as per system configuration or manually using device controls):

  • for master - either from linear input or from module internal memory; 
  • for slave - only from linear input.
During operation, voice module monitors the resistance of modules for sound. More than 0.5 Ohm resistance change with respect to initial value shall be treated as failure. Table of possible options of acoustic system connection and resistance values is provided in Annex 1.
Personnel address modules MRO-2M prot. R3 may be installed in DIN rail using special securing bar (not in the scope of supply; may be provided by separate order).

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