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OPOP 124-R3

OPOP 124-R3
OPOP 124-R3
OPOP 124-R3
OPOP 124-R3 sound-and-light combined fire alarm device is intended for sound and light warning signals generation in the security and fire alarm systems, and for annunciation in case of abnormal situations, such as actuation of dry chemical, gas or water-based firefighting systems and others.
Supply voltage, via DCL 24 to 36 V
Current consumption, no more than:
in stand-by mode
in "Alarm" mode

0,2 mА
2,2 mА
Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m, no less than 85 dB
Overall dimensions, no more than 86х85х44 mm
Ingress protection rating IP 41
Weight, no more than 200 g
Operating temperature range -25 to +55°С
Average service life, at least 10 years


  • Data exchange with PPKOPU via communication line; 
  • No external power supply is needed; 
  • Built-in controller controls the state of the light (on, off, meander) and sound alarms according to commands from PPKOPU; 
  • Separate adjustment of sound and light alarms in standby condition and atuated state; 
  • Easy installation and connection to unipolar DCL; 
  • Ergonomic and modern design that meets the requirements of any customer;
  • the design of the case of OPOP 124-R3 fire and security alarm allows for its outdoor use; 
  • the device is designed so that it can be fastened on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces;
  • The alarm is protected against ingress of solid particles (dust) and vertical dropping.
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