Техническая поддержка: РФ: 8-800-600-12-12


OPOP 1-R3 light fire alarm device is intended for designation and warning purposes in specialized areas (entrance, exit), as well as alerting in case of abnormal situations, such as actuation of fire alarm system, dry chemical, gas or water-based fire fighting systems and other evens.
Power supply via DCL
Current consumption, no more than:
in stand-by mode
in "Alarm" mode

0,2 mА
2,2 mА
Overall dimensions, no more than 100х300х20 mm
Ingress protection rating IP 41
Weight, no more than 250 g
Operating temperature range -25 to +55°С
Average service life, at least 10 years

The OPOP 1-R3 has the following features:

  • Data exchange with PPKOPU via communication line;
  • No external power supply is needed;
  • Built-in controller controls the state of the panel (on, off, meander) and sound alarms according to commands from PPKOPU; 
  • Easy installation and connection to unipolar DCL;
  • Ergonomic design that meets the requirements of any customer and allows for the use of fire alarm OPOP 1-R3 panel in all types of rooms, such as: Educational facilities, childcare, health care centers, administration buildings and facilities, shopping malls and many other applications; 
  • The casing and the screen of the fire alarm panel OPOP 1-R3 is made of high-impact polystyrene ensuring convenient transportation and installation on site;
  • The case of the fire alarm panel OPOP 1-R3 has special marks for easy marking of installation holes on the wall;
  • The case of the fire alarm panel OPOP 1-R3 allows to keep the extra length of the cable hidden due to special holes; 
  • A low current consumption of the OPOP 1-R3 fire and security alarm panel allows for:Considerable reduction of electricity costs, as well as capacity costs of used power supply; 
  • Thanks to in-house production facilities the company "Rubezh" is able to supply fire alarm panel OPOP 1-R3 with lettering and background color of any version.

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