OT-1 Optical tester

OT-1 optical tester is designed for the Rubezh addressable fire detectors remote testing. The tester is powered from three AG 13 batteries with rated voltage of 1.5 V.
Supply voltage 4.5 V (3 batteries AG 13)
Output radiation power, no more 1 mW
Range of coverage, at least 6 m
Overall dimensions, no more than 19х59х30 mm
Weight, no more than 20 g
Operating temperature range -10 to +55°С

The OT-1 optical tester is a portable self-powered small-size device.

The OT-1 optical tester casing has an ergonomic and modern design. In the tester protection against reverse polarity of batteries is provided.

To check the the fire detector operating capacity using the tester, press the button on the tester cover and point the laser beam at the visual indicator of the detector for at least 0.1 seconds. After detector actuation, visual indicator of button type located on the detector is activated.

Signal from the tested detector is sent to the control and indicating device.

The insulating lining shall be removed before the operation.

Attention! The OT-1 optical tester generates laser radiation! Avoid direct eye contact!


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