PKU-1 prot.R3 addressable devices programming unit

PKU-1 prot. R3 addressable devices programming unit is intended for setting, viewing and changing the addressable devices addresses: IP 212-64 prot.R3 fire smoke detectors, IP 101-29 prot.R3 heat detectors, IP 212/101-64- PR prot.R3 combined type detectors, IPR 513-11 prot.R3 manual detectors, АМ-1, АМ-4 prot.R3 addressable marks, РМ-1, РМ-4 prot.R3 relay modules, and all other addressable devices prot. R3.
Power supply - independent 4 AAA type batteries
Power on by holding down any button
Power off automatic
Overall dimensions, no more than 94х170х70 mm
Weight, no more than 350 g
Operating temperature range +5 to +55°С

PKU-1 prot.R3 programmer is a portable self-powered compact device (4 batteries of AAA type).

PKU-1 prot.R3 programmer ensures:

  • viewing and changing device address;
  • testing detectors using laser tester.
The programmer has a socket for addressable fire detectors connection.

Connection of other addressable devices is provided via a terminal in the upper part of the PKU-1 prot.R3 panel.

To power-up the programmer press and hold any key on the screen for 2 seconds.

Automatic power-off is in 20 seconds unless an addressable device is connected. Automatic programmer power-off is in 60 seconds after the last pressing the key in case an addressable device is connected.

To set a new parameter of an addressable device the following steps should be taken:

  • connect an addressable device to the programmer socket; 
  • press the "Reading" button; 
  • set the device address using the keys "+1", "+10", "+100"; 
  • Complete the device addressing procedure by pressing the "save" key.
  • the first part is the control and indicating panel ACL number. This number is set automatically when connecting an addressable device to a corresponding ACL of the device.

  • The second part is the device number in the loop, from 1 to 250.

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