IVEPR 12/5 RS-R3

IVEPR 12/5 RS-R3
IVEPR 12/5 RS-R3
The IVEPR 12/5 RS-R3 is designed for 12V DC uninterruptable power supply to the security and fire alarm system panels.
Line input voltage 130…265 V
Rated load current 0...5 А
Output DC voltage
- mains operation
- battery operation

13,4…13,8 V
10,8…13,5 V
Battery turn-off voltage with protection against deep discharge 10,4 V ± 0,3 V
Unit own consumption from battery in stand-by mode no more than 70 mA
Unit consumption in battery deep discharge protection mode no more than 25 mA
AC voltage consumption no more than 87 W
Operating temperature range from -10 to +40 ºС
Run to failure at least 40 000 h.
Average service life 10 years


The unit provides stable twenty-four-hour 12V DC power supply to security and fire alarm systems equipment with nominal current of 5A. To increase back-up time, any required number of the Rubezh BR 12 external back-up power boxes may be connected to the unit. The unit is certified as per GOST 53325-2009.

The following messages may be generated and transmitted to the fire alarm and security system’s receiving and control panel via the addressable communication line using RS-R3 protocol:

  • Battery discharge 
  • Battery discharge is rectified 
  • No Battery available 
  • Battery is connected 
  • Power supply interruption 
  • Battery discharge 
  • Battery discharge is rectified 
  • No Battery available 
  • Battery is connected 
  • Power supply available
  • No output voltage, voltage is < 9V (output 1) 
  • No output voltage, voltage is < 9V (output 2) 
  • Deep discharge of Battery 
  • Deep discharge of Battery
Besides, the unit may transmit to FDCP the current output voltage for each output and voltage of each of two Battery.

Design advantages:
  • optimal Battery charge due to constant testing circuit;
  • batteries protection against deep discharge and overcharge.
  • electronic protection against reverse polarity and Battery terminals short circuit. During mains operation, reverse polarity or Battery terminals short circuit does not affect output voltage;
  • unit electronic protection against short circuit and current overload, both in mains operation and battery operation mode. When short circuit or overload state is cleared, output voltage of the unit restores automatically.
  • two independent power outputs;
  • possibility of address communication line connection to transmit data on power supply unit state;
  • automatic Battery charging when AC main is available;
  • automatic switching to battery operation mode when voltage is below min operating value and mains operation mode restoration when mains voltage is available;
  • low level of high frequency noise due to optimal topology of the PCB;
  • output voltage is electrically isolated from the housing.

On the front panel, there are power supply LEDs, output voltage and Battery status.

Power LED:
  • when 230V is available, LED is green;
  • when 230V is not available, LED is off.
Output LED:
  • when voltage is on at least one output (no short circuit condition)
 LED is green, when no output voltage is available, LED is off.

Battery LED:
  • if at least one Battery is charged and properly functioning, LED is green;
  • when Battery charging level is 80%, LED is orange ("precharging" mode);
  • when both LABs are not available / malfunction / wrong connection (reverse polarity), LED is red.
The “Emergency” signal is provided in the form of magnetoelectric relay in order to transmit information on malfunction available to external circuits. The “Emergency” alarm output is insulated from the source circuits and housing.
When both mains power, at least one functioning and charged Battery and the output voltage are available, relay is closed. Otherwise, relay is opened.

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