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Local terminal UOO-TL is designed as a part of addressable fire alarm system of "Rubezh" brand and fulfills the functions of announcement device in ADEMCO Contact ID format via switched telephone network.
Supply voltage 9 to 14 V
Power consumption, no more than 3 W
Quantity of dial-up telephone numbers 4
Maximum number of digits in the telephone number 21
Dial-up line voltage 20 to 60 V
The quantity of outputs for interface connection:
-RS-485 – for connection of control and indicating devices of "Rubezh" brand
-USB – for configuring
-for telephone line

Text message sending period 10 to 160 min
RS-485 interface cable length, no more than 1000 m
USB cable length, no more than 2 m
Operating temperature range 0 to +45 °С
Weight, no more than 200 g
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 84х125х37 mm
Average service life, at least 10 years

Local Terminal UOO-TL fulfills the following functions:

  • connection of integrated addressable control and indicating devices via interface RS-485 for receipt of messages about events taking place in the system;
  • connection to telephone line for sending messages received from control and indicating devices of "Rubezh" brand;
  • LED indication of communication availability and operation modes.

The device transmits announcements via four independent routings - telephone numbers. Telephone number shall be set with numerical, alphabetic, and service symbols:

  • digits: 0, 1…9 – shall be used to set the telephone number;
  • symbols: W - ringing tone waiting; T - switching to the tone dialing mode, p - pause of 2 sec, P - pause of 8 sec., * - switching to the tone mode.

The unit works in the lines of 20 to 60 V. Constant voltage in the vacant subscriber line shall be min 20 V.
The announcements coming from control and indicating devices are saved in a special announcement log wherefrom they are transferred via telephone line as the communication is being established. Log capacity - at least 50 announcements. Local terminal provides telephone line verification by means of dial-up tone 425 Hz and/or linear voltage. Periodic automatic sending of message "Nonfaulty" in prescribed directions via the telephone line.
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