MS-PI interface repeater is a digital electronic device designed for extension of RS-485 interface line by repeating the received signal. The repeater is intended for the use with Rubezh-OP prot.R3 panels or panels produced by other companies providing exchange via RS-485 interface.
Supply voltage 10 to 14 V
Maximum number of modules in one RS-485 network
Maximum length of RS-485 line between the two MS-PI, no more than 1000 m
Number of external interfaces for data exchange and programming:
-RS-485 type
-USB type

Length: cable of RS485 interface, no more than
USB interface cable
1000 m
2 m
Module overall dimensions, no more than
8412537 mm
Weight, no more than 200 g
Operating temperature range from 0 to +40
Average service life, at least 10 years

MS-PI interface repeater fulfills the following functions:
  • RS-485 interface extension and data exchange between control and indicating devices and a computer located in different parts of one interface;
  • cross-connectivity between control and indicating devices within one network RS-485;
  • LED indication of exchange availability in the line;
  • Length of RS-485 interface line immediately after the interface repeater should not exceed 1000 m.
  • the time of the repeater technical availability for operation after power-up no more than 1 s.
On the front face of the device there are LEDs intended to display the current state of the repeater.

Communication LED:
  • when the USB is being connected the LED is blinking at a rate of 1 Hz;
  • when the USB is used for data recording the LED is blinking at a rate of 5 Hz;
  • lit continuously when power is connected.
RS-485 (1) and RS-485 (2) LED indicator:
  • when there is no exchange via the line, the LED is off;
  • when there is exchange, it blinks at a rate of exchange.
The following parameters can be set during repeater configuring via the program MS-PI Configurator:
  • length of a word (symbol): 5, 6, 7, 8 bits;
  • number of stop bits: 1; 1,5; 2 bits;
  • parity: no, evenness; oddness;
  • rate: 1200; 1800; 2400; 4800; 7200; 9600; 14400; 19200; 38400; 56000; 57600, 115200 bit/sec.
Only the rate parameter is set during configuring in case the interface repeater is used with Rubezh devices. Other parameters are set automatically.

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