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MS-4 adapter module is an electronic digital device intended for message delivery in Contact-ID format from addressable system of "Rubezh" brand to NV2050 transmitter incorporated into announcement system via GSM channel Navigard.
Power supply 12 V or from USB PC
Number of attachment interfaces:
- Fire alarm control and indicating devices of "Rubezh" brand - RS-485, galvanically isolated
- of NV 2050 transmitter - COM port according to diagram - USB -for configuring

RS-485 interface cable length, no more than 1000 m
Length of USB interface cable, up to 2 m
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 84х125х37 mm
Weight, no more than 200 g
Operating temperature range from 0 to +40°С
Average service life 10 years

Adapter module MS-4 is intended for integration of addressable system of "Rubezh" brand with announcement system for message delivery via GSM channels Navigard.

Adapter module MS-4 collects events from addressing control and indicating devices of "Rubezh" brand and their delivery to NV2050 transmitter.

Output of control and indicating unit of "Rubezh" brand is connected to MS-4 adapter module input via RS-485 interface. Adapter module MS-4 converts the data received from fire alarm control and indicating devices of "Rubezh" brand and transmits them to NV2050 transmitter, which, in turn, transmits the signals to NV DG 2010 or NVC DG 3220 receiver of the monitoring station. 

Adapter module is powered from power supply +12 V or USB-terminal of the computer. The time of the adapter module technical availability for operation after power-up – no more than 1 s.

On the front face of the device there are LEDs intended to display the current state of the adapter module.

LED indicator "MODE":

  • standby indication at a rate of 1 Hz.

 LED indicator RS-485 "1":

  • when there is no exchange with control and indicating device - off;
  • when there is exchange with the control and indicating device, the LED is blinking at a rate of 10 Hz;

For connection of FACIE (fire alarm control and indicating equipment) included in “Rubezh” addressable system to the announcement system via GSM channels Navigard the following steps shall be taken: connect MS-4 adapter module to FACIE of "Rubezh" addressable system via RS-485 interface; connect MS-4 adapter module to NV2050 transmitter via COM port.

Adapter module MS-4 should be preconfigured before the installation. For configuring, it is necessary to connect adapter module MS-4 to a computer via USB-interface and install SW FireSec 3 on the computer. Start FireSec 3 Administrator, open Project Designer. Add adapter module MS-4 to the list of devices, set its address within the range of 1 to 100. Before saving configuration make sure that all control and indicating units are listed, otherwise scanning of the device not included in the configuration will not be done. Select MS-4 adapter module in the list of devices, open menu "Device", go to sub-menu "USB", and select the item "Save configuration on device".

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