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Adapter module is an electronic digital device intended for message delivery in Contact-ID format over RS-485 protocol from addressable system "Rubezh" to announcement system via radio channel Lonta-202, Lonta Optima, "Basalt" produced by Altonika as well as to announcement system produced by "Oko".
Power supply 12 V or from USB PC
Number of attachment interfaces:
FACIE RUBEZH brand - RS-485, electrically isolated;
RS-202TD transmitter – RS-485, non electrically isolated;
USB – for configuring

RS-485 interface cable length, no more than 1000 m
Length of USB interface cable, up to 2 m
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 84х125х37 mm
Weight, no more than 200 g
Operating temperature range from 0 to +40°С
Average service life 10 years

In particular, adapter module MS-3 is intended for address system Rubezh integration with Lonta-202 system.

Adapter module MS-3 collects events from addressing control and indicating devices of Rubezh brand and their delivery to RS-202TD-RR transmitter.

Output of control and indicating unit of Rubezh brand is connected to MS-3 adapter module input via RS-485 interface. Adapter module MS-3 converts data received from PPKOPU RUBEZH and transmits them over RS-485 protocol to communicator transmitter RS-202TD-RR for further transmission to monitoring station equipment. 

Adapter module MS-3 is powered from power supply +12 V or USB-terminal of the computer. The time of AM technical availability for operation after power-up – no more than 1 s. On the front side of the device there are LEDs intended to display the current state of the adapter module.

LED indicator "MODE":

  • standby indication at a rate of 1 Hz.

LED indicator RS-485 "1":

  • when there is no exchange with fire alarm control and indicating equipment, the LEDs are off; 
  • when there is exchange with FACIE, the LED is blinking at a rate of 10 Hz;

LED indicator RS-485 "2":

  • when there is data exchange with transmitter, LED is steady on;
  • when there is no data exchange with transmitter, LED is off.

For connection of FACIE (fire alarm control and indicating equipment) included in Rubezh addressable system to Lonta-202 system, the following steps shall be taken:

  • teach communicator transmitter RS-202TD-RR in centralized surveillance office RS-202PN (as per Operation Manuals);
  • connect adapter module MS-3 to FACIE of addressable system RUBEZH over RS-485 interface.
  • connect adapter module MS-3 to communicator transmitter RS-202TD-RR over RS-485 interface.

Adapter module MS-3 should be preconfigured before the installation. For configuring, it is necessary to connect adapter module MS-3 to a computer via USB interface and install SW FireSec on the computer. Launch Firesec administrator. Add adapter module MS-3 to the list of devices, set its address within the range of 1 to 100. Before saving configuration make sure that all control and indicating units are listed, otherwise scanning of the device not included in the configuration will not be done. Select MS-3 adapter module in the list of devices, open menu "Device", go to sub-menu "USB", choose the item "Save configuration on device".

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