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MS-1 and MS-2

Adapter Modules MS-1 and MS-2 are digital electronic devices designed for interfacing of addressable receiving and control devices, indication blocks, and remot control panels with a computer.
Power supply from PC USB
The quantity of outputs for interface connection:
a) for MS-1:
electrically isolated USB;
b) for МС-2:
electrically isolated USB.

RS485 interface cable length, no more than 1000 m
Length of USB interface cable, up to 2 m
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 84х125х37 mm
Weight, no more than 200 g
Operating temperature range from 0 to plus 40°С
Average service life 10 years

Adapter Module MS-1 and MS-2 provide the following:

  • connection of integrated addressable control and indicating devices via interface RS-485 to USB port of the computer to ensure the system control and monitoring;
  • connection of the system with cross-connectivity between control and indicating units incorporated in one RS-485 network to the computer;
  • LED indication of communication between the units and the computer.

Functions of MS-1 and MS-2 are identical. Difference between MS-1 and MS-2 modules is in quantity of outputs for interfaces connection:

MS availability time after connection - no more than 1 second.

Modules power supply is realized via PC interface USB.­ On the front side of the device, there are LEDs intended to display the current state of the adapter module.

Communication (Связь) LED:

  • when the USB is being connected, but there is no exchange with the FireSec monitoring software, the LED is blinking with a frequency of 1 Hz;
  • when there is exchange with the PC, the LED is blinking with a frequency of 5 Hz;
  • when the communication with the PC is lost, the LED produces single flashes with a period of 2 seconds.

LED indicators of RS-485 "1" and "2":

  • when there is no exchange with the PC, the LEDs are off;
  • when there is exchange with the PC, the LED is blinking at a rate of 10 Hz.

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