KRK-4-BS PROT.R3, KRK-30-ALS prot.R3

KRK-4-BS PROT.R3, KRK-30-ALS prot.R3
KRK-4-BS PROT.R3, KRK-30-ALS prot.R3
KRK-4-BS PROT.R3, KRK-30-ALS prot.R3
KRK-4-BS PROT.R3 and KRK-30-ALS (former called MRK-30-ALS) prot.R3 radio channel modules are designet to expand addressable communication line of Rubezh-2OP prot.R3 devices using radio channels.
KRK-4-BS prot.R3 KRK-30-ALS prot.R3
Power supply 9-30 V 11-30 V
Current consumption for 12 V power supply no more than 40 mA at most 80 mA
Number of connection outputs:
addressable communication line


Line-of-site communication range
no more than 400 m no more than 400 m
Working frequency 868 MHz 868 MHz
Emissive power at most 10 mW at most 10 mW
Number of communication channels 15 15
Number of supported slave modules 4 -
Overall dimensions 84х125х37 mm 84х125х37 mm
Weight no more than 200 g no more than 200 g
Protection rating IP 20 IP 20
Operating temperature range from -25 to +55 °С from -25 to +55 °С
Average service life at least 10 years at least 10 years

KRK-4-BS PROT.R3 and KRK-30-ALS prot.R3 are controlled by the Rubezh-2OP prot.R3 receiving and control panel.

KRK-4-BS PROT.R3, KRK-30-ALS prot.R3 radio channel modules provide the following functions:
  • continuous two-way exchange between ACL segments as well as between addressable devices and the receiving and control panel;
  • fire, failure alarms, addressable device (at extended part of ACL) testing message transmission to receiving and control panel;
  • access to the settings and parameters of the addressable devices at extended part of ACL;
  • LED indication of communication with receiving and control panel as well as between modules.
KRK-4-BS prot.R3 serves as a master module. It shall be connected to ACL of Rubezh-2OP prot. R3 panel. KRK-30-ALS prot. R3 slave module shall be connected to master by radio channel and this module does not have wire connection with panel's ACL.

Through the radio channel, KRK-4-BS prot.R3 master module may be connected with up to four KRK-30-ALS prot. R3 slave modules.

KRK-30-ALS prot. R3 slave module has addressable communication line output where up to 30 addressable R3 protocol devices may be connected. These devices may be IP 212-64 prot. R3, IP 212/101-64-PR prot. R3, IP 101-29-PR prot R3, IPR 513-11 prot.R3 fire detectors, AM-1 prot.R3, AM-4 prot.R3 addressable marks, RM-1 prot.R3, RM-4 prot.R3, RM-K prot.R3 relay modules, MDU-1 prot.R3 smoke exhaust modules, MRO-2M prot.R3 voice announcement modules.


The KRK master module receives messages sent by the KRK slave module via radio channel, decodes them and transmits  to the receiving and control panel.­ Through the KRK master module, the panel, in turn, transmits  control programs to actuators connected to the slave KRK's ACL via the radio channel.

Modules shall be installed away from large earthed metal objects (beams, T-beams, gas pipes), in order to prevent from signal attenuation in these structures.

The largest extension of dedicated communication line by radio channel may be attained when modules are in direct view between each other

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