MRK-30A prot. R3

The MRK-30A prot. R3 radio channel module is designed to integrate RS-R3 protocol “Aleksa” system radio channel devices into the addressable system.
Power supply 9-30 V
Current consumption:
for 12 V power supply
for 30 V power supply

at most 60 mA
at most 40 mA
Line-of-site communication range
no more than 600 m
Operating frequency range from 433.2 to 434.8 MHz
Emissive power at most 10 mW
Number of communication channels 16
Number of supported "ALEKSA" RCD 30
Overall dimensions 83,5х125х37 mm
Weight 200 g
Protection rating IP 20
Operating temperature range from -25 to + 55 °С
Average service life at least 10 years
The MRK-30А prot. R3 is controlled by the Rubezh-2OP prot. R3 receiving and control device.

The MRK-30A prot. R3 radio channel module receives control signals from the receiving and control device. The module itself operates with Aleksa system devices and provides for devices involving in the addressable system operation based on operation of Rubezh-2OP prot. R3.

MRK-30A prot.R3 radio channel module provides the following:

  • data exchange between the radio channel devices and the module in two-way mode;
  • the module malfunctions automatic monitoring.
Modules shall be installed away from large earthed metal objects (beams, T-beams, gas pipes), in order to prevent signal attenuation.
The largest radio channel connection may be attained when modules and devices are in the direct view between each other.

MRK-30А prot. R3 ensures the ALEKSA RCD connection with the RS-R3 protocol addressable system:
  • IP 212-А041 ALEKSA - smoke fire detector;
  • IP 101-А009-PR ALEKSA - heat fire detector; 
  • IPR 513-A014 ALEKSA - manual fire detector;
  • OPSP2b-10 ALEKSA - light alarm (display);
  • OPZP2b-7 ALEKSA – audible alarm;
  • OPKP2b-8 ALEKSA – combined alarm;
  • MShS Aleksa - alarm loop module; 
  • MR Aleksa - relay module.

On the front side there are LEDs intended for display of the current state of the radio channel module.

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