MKD-2 prot.R3

MKD-2 prot. R3 access control module is designed to control the access to the protected space, through one or two doors, by electromechanical or electromagnetic locks control by the commands sent by Wiegand readers.
Supply voltage 10,5 to 14,2 V
Current consumption from the power supply source (excluding readers connected), no more than
100 mА
Max current switched by relay output contacts, at voltage:
30 VDC, at most
230 VAC, at most

3 А
3 А
Max current switched by electronic keys, at voltage 30 V 500 mА
Maximum length of the module-to-executive device communication line wires: no more than

50 m
Maximum length of the module-to-reader communication line wires, no more than
50 m
Module overall dimensions of the, no more than
170х108х42 mm
Weight, no more than 250 g

MKD-2 prot. R3 module is controlled by the Rubezh-2OP prot. R3 receiveing and control alarm device.

The module contains a microprocessor that controls operation of the device. From the functional point of view, the module is a device, which controls connected readers and remote controlled switch of relay switching contacts two groups as well as two outputs with open collector and inputs for security sensors and door sensors connection.

MKD-2 prot.R3 module intendant use:

  • power supply to code entering device and/or Proximity-card reader (hereinafter the “reader”);

  • code receiving from Wiegand reader, conversion, and data transmission to the device via two-wire addressable communication line (ACL);
  • controlling the executive devices (electromagnetic lock, turngate, etc.) according to the commands received via the ACL.
  • pass control.
MKD-2 prot.R3 module may operate both with one and two pass points and controls passing by SMK magnetic-contact alarm:

  • when MKD-2 prot.R3 operates with one pass point, pass through this point may be arranged via two Wiegand readers. In this case, employees or visitors pass will be recorded in both ways;
  • when MKD-2 prot.R3 operates with two pass points, entrance/exit through each pass point is realized by means of Wiegand reader and exit/entrance - by “Exit” button.
Three LEDs status are available on module board:

  • Communication - is steady on when module power supply is available, but no communication with fire alarm control panel is available; flashes once per 5 sec when communication with fire alarm control unit is available; flashes 2-3 sec at “Test” button pressing;
  • 1, 2 - three-color LED; green steady on is in standby mode; flashes once per 2 sec when module is not registered; red steady on is in locking mode (no pass is permitted); green and red steady on is in unlocked mode (pass for everyone is allowed).

MKD-2 prot.R3 has two outputs of open collector type for remote indication of locks controlling relay state. MKD-2 prot. R3 module may be installed in DIN rail using special securing bar (not in the scope of supply; may be provided by separate order).

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