EDU-PT remote control element is intended for remote control of operation modes of MPT-1 prot.R3 firefighting module.
Supply voltage 9 to 30 V
Current consumption in standby mode, no more than 20 mА
Number of EDU-PT connected to one MPT-1 fire fighting module
up to 4
The total length of EDU-PT connection to the MPT-1 fire fighting module communication line, no more than
30 m
EDU-PT overall dimensions, no more than
87х90х45 mm
Weight, no more than 100 g
Operating temperature range -10 to +55°С
Average service life, at least 10 years

EDU-PT remote control element generates commands to the MPT-1 prot.R3 fire fighting module which  is connected to after pressing buttons on the front panel.

EDU-PT remote control element fulfills the following functions:

  • initiates MPT-1 prot.R3 firefighting module commands to start fire fighting system by pressing the “START” button;
  • initiates commands to MPT-1 prot.R3 firefighting module to cancel the start of fire fighting system by pressing the “STOP” button.
  • LED and buzzer operability testing by pressing the "TEST" button;
  • LED state indication and operation mode of MPT-1 prot.3 module connected with  EDU-PT;
  • sound alarm in case of firefighting system start on MPT-1 prot.R3 firefighting module.
Interruption of firefighting process by pressing the “STOP” button is possible only when MPT-1 prot.R3 is in actuation mode.

Under start-up conditions of MPT-1 prot.R3 fire fighting module when delay counting begins for fire fighting startup, EDU-PT initiates intermittent audible alarm at a rate of 1 Hz. Signal repetition frequency increases as the end of delay timing approaches. In case of fire fighting startup the audible alarm becomes continuous.

Up to 4 EDU-PT can be connected to one firefighting module MPT-1 prot.R3 in TM line. Each EDU-PT has an address in the addressable line so on the control and indicating panel it is possible to see from which particular RCE control it is performed. EDU-PT address is given by means of a jumper located on the device circuit board.

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