MPT-1 prot. R3

MPT-1 prot. R3
MPT-1 prot. R3
MPT-1 prot.R3 addressable firefighting module is designed for arrangement of dry powder and gas firefighting systems. It is designed to operate as a part of addressable system controlled by the Rubezh-2OP prot.R3 receiving and control panel.
Supply voltage 10,5 to 28,5 V

MPT-1 prot.R3 current consumption:

-from external source of 12V (24 V), excluding output connected actuators, at most

-from addressable communication line, at most

at 12 V no more than 20 mA
at 24 V no more than 15 mA
Current provided by each output, no more than
current provided by the whole module (net current for all outputs at the same time), no more than
Output circuit functioning control current in output switched off (on) state at least 2mA (at most 10 mA)
Input control current for weight, pressure and doors-windows detectors connection, no more than
0,85 m
Number of detectors connected to each AL should not exceed
Number of EDU-PT firefighting remote control elements connected to EDU (RCE) terminals, no more than
The total length of communication line for FF RCE connection to the module, no more than
30 m
Module overall dimensions, no more than 17010842 mm
Weight, no more than 220 g
Operating temperature range from -25 to +60

Firefighting module is a programmable device. Inputs/outputs are configured by the user via receiving and control panel or via the FireSec software.

MPT-1 prot.R3 firefighting module ensures the following:

  • automatic fire fighting panels control via 2-wire addressable communication line from receiving and control panel and manually via EDU-PT signal;
  • sound-and-light alarms connection and operation;
  • possibility of two alarm loops (AL) connection with IP212-45, IP 212-141M conventional fire detectors or similar as well as with IPR 513-10 manual fire detectors or similar for off-line start of firefighting without FDCP;
  • generation of time delay before firefighting devices switching on;
  • doors/windows opening control using Doors-Windows detector;
  • control of fire extinguishing agent release by means of weight and pressure gas fire extinction detectors;
  • output/input circuits break and short circuit control (light and audible alarm, firefighting devices start outputs);
  • various ways of light/audible alarm and firefighting devices start outputs activation;
  • light indicators of module operation states and communication with central device;
  • performance monitoring and transmission of the information on ongoing events to FDCP via ACL.
  • two independent power inputs;
  • decapsulation control.
Output circuit operation logic (OUT1-OUT5) is specified by the user at configuration.

Module has 2 statuses: master and slave. A slave module is controlled from a master one and is intended for increasing the number of outputs of firefighting and public address devices control.

The module is supplied from external power source.

Addressable communication lines are AC electrically isolated from the device's power source.

MPT-1 prot. R3 firefighting module may be installed in DIN rail using special securing bar (not in the scope of supply; may be provided by separate order).

Module MPT-1 prot. R3 is equipped with load connection device (hereinafter - LCD) to control line break and shirt circuit. LCD is a circuit board with LEDs installed, input terminal for MPT relay connection to the line and output terminal for connection to load (actuator).


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