MDU-1 prot. R3, MDU-1S prot. R3

MDU-1 prot. R3, MDU-1S prot. R3
MDU-1 prot. R3, MDU-1S prot. R3
MDU-1 prot.R3, MDU-1S prot.R3 smoke exhaust valves control modules are designed to control valve gate in manual mode via remote control buttons or in automatic mode with the receiving and control panel. It operates as a part of addressable system controlled by the Rubezh-2OP prot.R3 receiving and control alarm panel.
Number of controlled valves 1
Power supply from DCL (24 - 36 V)
Current consumption from ACL, no more than 0,3 mА
MDU-1 prot.R3 and MDU-1S prot.R3 power supply at:
24 VDC drive control
230 VAC drive control

и24±4V power supply source
mains 220V, 50 Hz
Length of connecting lines to control buttons, at most 30 m
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 108х170х42 mm
Weight, no more than 220 g
Operating temperature range from -25 to +60°С
Average service life, at least 10 years
Module is designed to control the following types of valve actuators:

  • reverse electromechanical drive;
  • electromechanical drive with driving spring;
  • electromagnetic drive gate valve manual reset.

By built-in relay, smoke exhaust valve control module supplies voltage to the electromechanical drive. Switching voltage is 24VDC or 230VAC. Switching voltage is selected by jumper Jp1 at module's board.  Difference of MDU-1 prot.R3 with respect to MDU-1S prot.R3 is in load capacity of the relay switching power supply to the drive. Parameters may be found in the Table with specifications. Other parameters and functions are similar.

MDU-1 prot.R3 is used to control drives designed for 24 or 220V voltage. Valve gate position is controlled by limit switches either incorporated into electromechanical actuator or installed at the gate.

Smoke exhaust valve control module of is used to:

  • connect all the main types of  drives used with smoke exhaust valves; 
  • connect the device for manual transfer of the valve to the protective or normal position (button); 
  • transmit information about its state and the state of the connected drive to the receiving and control panel;
  • control the valve gate from the control panel in automatic and manual mode;
  • open circuit control to the valve gate position terminal switch and the electric drive winding circuit; open circuit and short circuit control of external manual control buttons circuits;
  • operating modes LED indication, valve gate position, communication with the device.

The module has a possibility of valve gate transfer into the normal and security (protective) position during system configuration with “OPEN” and “CLOSE” buttons installed on the board.

MDU-1 control module may be installed in DIN rail using special securing bar (not in the scope of supply; may be provided by separate order).  

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