IM-1 prot.R3

IM-1 prot.R3 interface module is designed to control reader or code entry device. IM-1 prot. R3 module is controlled by the Rubezh-2OP prot. R3 receiving and control panel.
Supply voltage 12 V
Current consumption from the power supply source (excluding readers connected), no more than 10 mА
Current consumption from ACL, no more than 150 μA
Maximum length of wires of the module-to-reader communication line, no more than 50 m
Ingress protection rating GOST 14254-96 IP20
Overall dimensions, no more than 85х125х37 mm
Weight, no more than 150 g
Module IM-1 prot. R3 purposes:

  • reader or code entry device interface transformation to RS-R3 addressable communication line interface;
  • module operation modes indicator;
  • module test function by “Test” button.
Two LEDs are available on the module front panel:

  • Communication - red, flashing when data exchange via ACL;
  • Power - green, steady ON when module power supply is available, OFF when no power supply is available.

IM-1 prot.R3 interface module provides two ways of reader or code entry device connection (only one reader may be connected to IM-1 prot.R3):

  • Using RJ-45 connector;
  • Ordinary connection using screw terminal blocks.
IM-1 prot. R3 module may be installed in DIN rail using special securing bar (not in the scope of supply; may be provided by separate order).



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