IO 32920-2

Addressable sound surface-type security detector IO 32920-2 is designed to protect the controlled facility from entry of unauthorized persons with glass breaking. The principle of the detector operation is based on ambient noise capturing with a high-frequency microphone and then analyzing the signal by a microprocessor.
Detector power supply from ACL (24-36 V)
Current consumption, no more than 600 μA
Detection area , no more than
standard sensitivity
improved sensitivity

5 m
9 m
Ingress protection rating IP 41
Operating temperature range from -20 to +55°С
Weight, no more than 100 g
Overall dimensions, no more than 92х65х26 mm

Detector is designed for installation in banks, hotels, warehouses, apartments, etc. The detector may operate only in combination with the Rubezh-2OP prot.R3 receiving and control panel.

The detector Power supply and data exchange are provided via a unipolar addressable communication line (ACL).

The detector is equipped with two built-in LEDs to control detector state and tamper-protected enclosure.

Sensitivity is optional depending on detector operation conditions:

  • Standard - for sound reverberating medium;
  • Updated - for environment with sound-absorbing objects.

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