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IO 32920-2

Addressable sound surface-type security detector IO 32920-2 is designed to protect the facility against unauthorized penetration with glass breaking. Principle of the detector operation is based on surrounding noise capturing by high frequency microphone followed by signal analysis by microprocessor.
Detector power supply from DCL (24-36 V)
Current consumption, no more than 600 μA
Detection area , no more than
standard sensitivity
improved sensitivity

5 m
9 m
Ingress protection rating IP 41
Operating temperature range from -20 to +55°С
Weight, no more than 100 g
Overall dimensions, no more than 92х65х26 mm

Detector is intended to be installed in banks, hotels, warehouses, apartments, etc. The detector may operate only in pair with receiving and control device Rubezh-2OP prot.R3.

Power supply and data exchange of the detector is provided via a unipolar dedicated communication line (DCL).

Detector is equipped with two built-in LEDs to control detector state and tamper-protected enclosure.

Sensitivity are available and may be selected depending on detector operation conditions:

  • Standard - for sound reverbing environment;
  • Improved - for environment with sound-absorbing objects.

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