IO 10220-2

The IO 10220-2 addressable magnetic contact security detector is intended to detect unauthorized penetration into the protected facilities with doors and windows break-in.
Detector power supply from ACL (24-36 V)
Maximum consumed current, no more than 200 μA
Ingress protection rating GOST 14254-96 IP 41
Operating temperature range from -30 to +55°С
Weight, no more than 20 g
Overall dimensions, no more than 52х17х6 mm

Detector is an addressable device, consisting of controlled contact and magnet, generating “Alert” signal when protected facility's moving parts, such as doors, windows, etc., are opened.

It is designed to operate as a part of system controlled by the Rubezh-2OP prot. R3 receiving and control alarm panel.

The detector power supply and signal transmission are carried out via a unipolar addressable communication line connected with panel.

Communication LED indicator is available on the detector’s cover:

  • in stand-by mode - flashes once per 4-5 sec;
  • in alarm mode - flashes twice per sec;
  • in "Test" mode - rapid flashing during 2-3 sec after Test button pressing.
Detector's LEDs may be automatically switched off. When the LEDs are activated, the detector displays its own state, whether the security function is activated or not.

Detector functioning may be tested using OT-1 optical tester.

The detector takes one address in the system.

Technological mode of operation is possible.

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