The "Rubezh-PDU" remote control panel is designed for remote control of a single actuator or a group of actuators connected to ACL of one or several “Rubezh-2OP” prot. R3 fire alarm control panels.
Supply voltage 10 - 28 V
Power consumption, no more than 7 W
Number of actuators 10
Number of actuators, no more than 100
Number of the remote control panels in a system, no more than 10
Number of external interfaces for data exchange and programming:  
 —  of RS-485 type 1
 —  of USB type 1
Cable length  
 —  of RS485 interface no more than 1000 m
 —  of USB interface down to 3 m
Module overall dimensions, no more than 200х160х50 mm
Weight, no more than 1 kg
Operating temperature range from 0 to +55 °С
Remote control panel allows controlling the following actuators:
  • smoke exhaust modules MDU-1 prot.R3, MDU-1S prot. R3; 
  • relay modules RM-1 prot.R3, RM-4 prot.R3, RM-1S prot. R3, RM-K prot.R3; 
  • personnel address modules MRO-2M prot.R3; 
  • process address mark AM-T as a disabler of the group startup.

The “Rubezh-PDU” remote control panel controls actuators in ten routings. Maximum 100 actuators can be assigned to each routing.

On the front door of the remote control panel, there are ten groups of buttons (START, STOP, BLOCK) by pressing which, the start, stop or actuation block is provided on the corresponding direction. Each of routing actuators corresponds to its own group of buttons.

One actuator can be assigned to several routings simultaneously. In this case, a panel becomes a group one. It can be activated from any routing it is assigned to, and cannot be deactivated unless all the routings to which it is assigned are switched off. No more than 100 group actuators are allowed.

In the system, it is possible to create duplicate routings of actuator control panels, i.e. one routing can be controlled from different remote control panels. Duplicate routing cannot be created within one remote control panel; duplicates of routing can be created only from different remote control panels within one RS-485 network. Control and duplicate indication is transparent - duplicate routing is controlled from any remote control panel to which it is assigned, indication of a duplicate routing state is synchronized between remote control panels.

The PDU remote control panel fulfills the functions of control locking by actuators of each routing. It is realized by pressing the “Block” button of the corresponding routing or actuation of PAM process addressable mark assigned to this routing. The “Block” button cannot cancel blocking for PAM actuation and vice versa. Blocking functions are applicable to the options of devices control from remote control panel only, and do not affect on/off switching of devices from control and indicating panels.

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