A remote control panel "Rubezh-PDU-PT" is intended for remote control of operation modes of a multizone (up to 5 zones) fire-fighting system connected to the DCL of one or several fire alarm control units Rubezh-2OP prot. R3.
Supply voltage 10 – 28 V
Power consumption, no more than 7 W
Number routings of actuators 5
КNumber of actuators in a routing, no more than 100
Number of external interfaces for data exchange and programming:
-RS-485 type
-USB type

Length: cable of RS485 interface, no more than
-of USB interface cable
1000 m
до 3 m
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 200х160х50 mm
Weight, no more than 1 kg
Operating temperature range from 0 do +55 °С

A remote control panel "Rubezh-PDU-PT" is connected to control and indicating devices via RS-485 interface and controls actuators connected to control and indicating devices only within one RS-485 network. A remote control panel PDU-PT allows to control only firefighting module (FFM).

Main functions of the firefighting remote control panel:

  • remote on/off switching of the firefighting module (FFM);
  • control of a single unit or a group consisting of a master and a slave firefighting module;
  • control of automatic devices of the fire fighting module;
  • audible alarm of FFM failures;
  • LED indication of the state of devices assigned to FFM routings;

A remote control panel "Rubezh-PDU-PT" controls FFM in five routings. Maximum 100 actuators can be assigned to each routing (i.e. one maser FFM and up to 99 slave FFM can be assigned to one routing, however, the total number of FFM in all routings shall not exceed 100).

The front plate of the fire fighting remote control panel is equipped with five groups of buttons (START, STOP, AUTOM. CONTROL) after pressing of which start/stop of fire fighting occurs and on/off switching of FFM automatics in the corresponding routings. Each routing of actuators corresponds to its own group of buttons. "Test" button is intended for testing of indication, and "Sound" button - for activation of the current alarm system (Fire, Fire fighting). Once a new alarm arrives, the sound is enabled again.

One firefighting module can be assigned to several routings simultaneously. In the system it is possible to create duplicate routings of FFM control, i.e. one routing can be controlled from different fire fighting remote control panels. Duplicates of routing can be created only from fire fighting remote control panels within one RS-485 network. Duplicate control and indication is transparent - duplicate routing is controlled from any remote control panel to which it is assigned, indication of state of duplicate routing is synchronized between remote control panels.

Firefighting remote control panel has the following LED indicators:

  • Power 1, 2 - constant green at the voltage of 11-30 V on power terminal, blinks at a rate of 1 Hz at the voltage of 9-11 V on power terminal, blinks at a rate of 4 Hz at the voltage of 30 V and more on power terminal, off at the voltage of below 9V on power terminal. 
  • BLOCK (БЛОКИРОВКА) - yellow. Lights up in "interlocking" mode of the routing. 
  • FAILURE (НЕИСПРАВНОСТЬ) - yellow. Lights up in "failure" mode in the routing. 
  • COMMUNICATION (СВЯЗЬ) - green. Off when there is no configuration or communication with all the devices is lost, lit steadily if there is communication with devices FFM of which are a part of its configuration, blinks if communication with at least one device assigned to it is lost. 
  • "BLOCK" button indicator - lit steadily if keyboard is locked. Off, when the keyboard is unlocked.

Remote control panel "Rubezh-PDU-PT" has the function of access restriction to controls. Application of a user TouchMemory key locks/unlocks the keyboard. If there are no programmed user keys, the keyboard is always unlocked.

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