The “Rubezh-BI” indication unit is designed to display the state of zones, groups of zones and the addressable security and fire alarm system actuators on the built-in LED screen. The device has a plastic casing similar to that of the alarm control panels.
Supply voltage 10 - 28 V
Power consumption, no more than 7 W
Number of LED indicators of zones and devices control on the page 50
Number of pages 5
Maximum number of the controlled zones and devices 250
Number of LED indicators of the system condition 6
Number of external interfaces for data exchange and programming:
— of RS-485 type 1
— of USB type 1
Cable length
— of RS485 interface no more than 1000 m
— of USB interface no more than 3 m
Overall dimensions of the module, no more than 200х160х50 mm
Weight, no more than 1 kg
Operating temperature range from -5 to +55 °С

The device has a plastic casing similar to that of alarm control units. Display unit is an addressable receiving and control alarm device.

Main functions of the indication unit:

  • signals receipt from receiving and control alarm panels;
  • three-color LED indication of the controlled zones or actuators state;
  • LED indication of the system state and operating modes;
  • operating modes audible alarm;
  • reset of the fire signal in zones using Touch Memory key.

On the front door of the panel, there are LED indicators of zones, system state, page switching and mute keys. The unit is equipped with a built-in sound buzzer providing background sound to attract the operator's attention to the events.

Display unit provides data exchange with RS-R3 panels protocol, such as Rubezh-2OP prot.R3, Rubezh-KAU prot.R3, via the RS-485 interface.

Device configuring, i.e. setting the device address in the system, data exchange rate and control zones is performed from a personal computer by means of the “FireSec Administrator” software. Device address and data exchange rate are set only via the USB interface. Database is downloaded into the unit using USB or RS-485 interfaces.

Information about a facility or its part controlled by the display unit is saved in the device while configuring. After the system configuring, the Rubezh-BI unit is able to control an addressable fire alarm system independently.

To improve the information capacity, the Rubezh-BI unit has a function of indication page selection. Number of pages is 5. The required page can be selected by pressing the corresponding button with a page number.

Maximum number of controlled zones (devices) is 250.

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