Rubezh-KAU prot.R3

Rubezh-KAU prot.R3
Rubezh-KAU prot.R3
Rubezh-KAU1 prot. R3, Rubezh-KAU2 prot. R3 the addressable devices controllers are included into the security and fire alarm, fire extinguishing, smoke exhaustion and alerting addressable system and are used in case the installation of a full-scale Rubezh-2OP prot. R3 receiving and control panel is not reasonable. A distributed addressable fire alarm, security system and ACS can be created using controllers of addressable devices switching up to 60 controllers and "Rubezh-2OP" prot.R3 receiving and control devices in the network. Up to 250 Rubezh prot.R3 addressable devices can be connected to ACLs panels.
Rubezh-KAU1 prot. R3 Rubezh-KAU2 prot. R3
Supply voltage 12 V DC 12 V DC
Intrinsic current consumption, no more than 0,15 0,3
Panel current consumption (without own consumption), in case of max addressable devices connection, no more than
Max current consumption of the controller, no more than
0,52 0,7 0,8
Galvanic isolation RS-485 No Yes
Number of ACLs connected to the panel 1 2
ACL topology only radial radial or ring
ACL, no more than
RS485 interface cable, no more than
3000 m 1000 m 3000 m 1000 m
Maximum number of addressable devices connected to one ACL: 250 250
Maximum number of zones per panel, no more than 250 500

Rubezh-KAU prot.R3 addressable devices control panels can be used with the following equipment:

  • IP 212-64 prot. R3, IP 212/101-64-PR prot. R3, IP 101-29 PR prot. R3 addressable flame detectors; 
  • IPR 513-11 prot. R3 addressable manual flame detectors; 
  •  MDU-1 prot. R3, MDU-1S . R3 addressable control modules of smoke exhaust valves;
  • MRO-2M prot. R3 addressable public address modules; 
  • MPT-1 prot. R3 addressable fire control modules; AMP-4 prot. R3 fire addressable marks; 
  • AM-1 prot. R3 and -4 prot. R3 addressable marks; 
  • RM-1 prot. R3, RM-4 prot. R3, RM-1K prot. R3, RM-4K prot. R3 addressable relay modules 
  • UDP 513-11 prot. R3 remote start devices; 
  • KRK-4-BS prot. R3, KRK-30-DCL prot. R3 ACL prolongation via radio channel extension; 
  • ShUN/V prot. R3 addressable pump/fan control cabinet; 
  • ShUZ prot. R3 addressable electrically driven valve control cabinet; 
  • IVEPR 12/2 RSR prot. R3, IVEPR 12/3,5 RSR prot. R3, IVEPR 12/5 RSR prot. R3 IVEPR 24/2,5 RSR prot. R3  IVEPR 12/; IVEPR 24/ addressable backup power supply sources; 
  • The MKD-2 prot. R3 access control modules; 
  • IM-1 prot. R3 interface modules; 
  • IO 32920-2; IO 30920-2; IO 40920-2; IO 10220-2 addressable security detectors.

Main functions of the Rubezh-KAU prot.R3 control panel:

  • signal reception from the addressable devices via communication line; 
  • processing information received from the fire and alarm detectors; 
  • making decisions about alarms states in the system; 
  • fire extinguishing, smoke exhaust and emergency alert systems control at the protected facilities;
  • Access control system; 
  • ACL integrity automatic control of and correct function of addressable devices; 
  • data exchange via RS-485 interface with other devices and computer.

The controllers work with addressable devices via one (KAU1) or two (KAU2) communication lines (ACL) and enable working with radial, ring, tree-based ACL. Total length of each addressable communication line is no more than 3,000 m. ACL can be checked for short circuit, overload, correct function of addressable devices.

The control devices are provided with the long-term memory intended for addressable devices database storage and events logging.
The controller can function both independently and as a part of network.

Arming/disarming of zones using Proximity card readers or keyboards connected to addressable devices.

Assigning privileges for arming/disarming using access level setting.

Automatic activation of light and sound, personnel address system, smoke protection, and fire extinguishing devices for different situations within the system.

Registration of all the events occurring within the system.

Rubezh-KAU1 prot.R3 addressable devices controllers are fit with 2 power terminals 12 V each.

The device maintains logs for 1024 fire and 500 security events, as well as 51000 events of ACS where the information on the event type, date, time, communication line and device address are recorded. All the events are recorded in long term memory.

The addressable security detectors help to organize the security alarm system with identification of violated zone within the accuracy of the room and detector address.

Configuration of controllers and fire alarm system function during the installation is performed by a personal computer using the FireSec Administrator free software included in the scope of supply. Without recorded configuration, i.e. without addressable devises database, the controller is unable to control addressable devises connected to it. Configuring is an obligatory part of system adjustment. The RUBEZH-KAU prot. R3 addressable devices control panel can manage the system independently after configuring.

For better visual presentation of the protected facility, the computer monitoring the whole system can be used with FireSec Operational task installed software as an option.

The controllers operate in accordance with database of addressable devices recorded into them using FireSec Administrator software .

Controller connection to a computer can be provided via MS-1, MS-2 or MS-E interface modules.

The circuits arranging into one network (RS-485) up to 60 addressable receiving and control devices or controllers and information output to a central computer are used for the arrangement of the distributed security, fire alarm systems and ACS.

The panel has 2 LED indicators:

  • CONNECTION - green indicator. Lights up in case of exchange availability via RS-485 interface between the controller and PC. Blinks if the controller is in the loader. In other cases, it is off.
  • NORM - green indicator. Continuously glowing in case of voltage availability on both power terminals and its value exceeding the set threshold. In other cases flashes at a rate of 1 Hz.
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