IP 212-112

IP 212-112
IP 212-112
IP 212-142 Stand-alone electro optic smoke detector detects fire accompanied with small concentration of smoke in different buildings and facilities enclosed rooms by recording optical emission reflected from smoke particles and generating loud audible signals alerts. The detector does not respond to temperature, humidity changes and to the presence of flame and natural or artificial light.
Detector sensitivity 0.05-0.2 dB/m
Supply voltage (from Krona power component) 9 V
Current consumption in standby mode no more than 30 μA
Voltage level at which the detector periodically generates audible signal "Battery discharge" from 7 to 5.9V
Activation delay no more than 6 sec
Allowable level of background luminance exposure 12000 lx
Allowable airflow rate up to 10 m/s
Loudness level of "Fire" signal at 1 m distance from the detector during four minutes 85 dB
Noise resistance (as per GOST R 53325):
- nanosecond voltage pulses
- electrostatic discharge
- electromagnetic field
3 degree
Protection against electrical current injury 3 class
Ingress protection rating IP 40
Overall dimensions Ø9550 mm
Detector weight 200 g
Max relative humidity at +40 90%
Average service life at least 10 years
Operating temperature range -10 to +55 0C

IP 212-142 fire detector represents optical electronic device generating signals in case of smoke formation in the place of installation. Stand-alone smoke fire detector is based on microcontroller. Computer-aided processing of measuring results helps in making a decision on Fire signal generation and considerable reduce the likelihood of false alarm.

Depending on the state, fire detector activates various indicators:


Alarming mode



Standby Mode

Single flash with a repeat period of (5 1) s

Fire mode

Blinking with frequency of (2 0.2) Hz

Constant tone-modulated audible signal

Battery discharge mode (at voltage of 7-5.9V)

Short-term single audible signal with repeat period of 60 s

The detector shall be installed on a ceiling. Installation on walls, beams, columns, ropes at distance from 100 to 300 mm away from ceiling and at least 100 mm away from wall corners, taking into account the detector overall dimensions, is allowed.

Detector installation
height, m

Area monitored by
one detector, m

Maximum distance, m

between detectors


Up to 3,5

Up to 85



Over 3.5 to 6.0

Up to 70



Over 6.0 to 10.0

Up to 65



Over 10.0 to 12.0

Up to 55



Detector provides the following:
  • due to computer-aided results processing, decision on Fire signal generation may be made with maximum precision and considerably decreased likelihood for false alarm;
  • optimal overall dimensions (Ø93 50 mm) and modern housing design;
  • wide range of operation temperature from minus 10 to plus 55;
  • detector power supply is realized through Krona power component  (within the scope of supply) of 9V nominal voltage.

IP212-142 detector is least-cost option and may be used at social objects. Due to advanced technology, detector IP212-142 housing is made of recycled plastic. It contributes to detector cost reduction with quality preserving.

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