Electrical-contact remote start devices UDP 513-10

UDP 513-10
UDP 513-10
UDP 513-10
UDP 513-10 electric-contact remote start device is designed for manual start of the fire protection and security systems’ actuators.
Power supply 10 to 30 V
Current consumption in standby mode, no more than 50 µA

UDP 513-10 resistance in button-down mode

500 Ohm
Overall dimensions, no more than 88х86х45 mm
Weight, no more than 150 g
Ingress protection rating GOST 14254-96 IP 31
Operating temperature range from -40 to +60°С

Remote start device design and manufacturing make it suitable for multiple activation and deactivation and ensures trouble-free operation of the device for almost unlimited period.

UDP 513-10 and UDP 513-10 vers.01 electric-contact remote start devices consist of a base, a housing, and a protective cover. Protective cover is equipped with a protective element which needs to be squeezed out by pressing it in the center to provide access to the actuating member. A PCB with radioelements and terminals for external connections is mounted on the base.

UDP 513-10 is intended for round-the-clock uninterrupted operation with control and indicating devices Granit, Grand Magistr, VERS PK, Signal-20P and others ensuring supply voltage in the alarm loop within the range of 9 to 30V. When actuation button is pressed the internal resistance of the device decreases step-wise in normal polarity to 500 Ohm.

UPD 513-10 version 1 is intended for round-the-clock uninterrupted operation with control and indicating devices providing dry contacts monitoring and not initiating supply voltage into the loop. UPD 513-10 device version 1 contains a clapper "dry contact" relay and when the actuation button is pressed switching of relay contacts occurs, closing one circuit and opening the other.

Electrical-contact remote start device UDP 513-10 and UDP 513-10 version 01 sends the event message to the alarm control unit when the actuator unit of UDP is pressed. A colour drop-down flag visually confirms that the remote start device actuator is pressed.

The generated signal is cleared by reset of the actuator by means of the key included in scope of supply. In order to return the actuator, insert the key into a hole located in the button center and press on it until the actuator clicks off.

Red LED is envisaged for informing about remote start operating modes and operable condition, and in duty mode it blinks at a frequency of 1 time in 3-8 seconds, and in button-down mode is glowing continuously.

UDP 513-10 power supply and "button-down" signal initiating is via alarm loop. UDP 513-10 power supply version 01 is from external power supply 12/24 V. To prevent failure in button "down" state limiting resistor Rogr. has to be installed. "Button-down" signal initiation is carried out via a dedicated line not connected with power line.

Remote start device UDP 513-10 and UDP 513-10 version 01 is produced in accordance with GOST R 53325-2012:

Yellow color - signs referring to fire suppression;

Orange color - signs referring to smoke exhaust;

Green color - unblocking of escape routes;

White color of the sign is not regulated, any sign can be ordered, e.g."Police", "Calling security" etc.

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