Remote control device IR 513-10

The IR 513-10 remote control device is designed for manual control of various engineering systems using normally closed (NC) and normally opened (NO) contacts.
Power supply is not required
Current capacity terminated by remote control device’s
dry contacts at max 30V DC and max 125V AC, at most
1 A
Button pressure force, at least 25 N
Remote control device overall dimensions, no more than
88х85х41 mm
Remote control device weight of, at most
Remote control device ingress protection rating in accordance with GOST 14254-96
Operating temperature range from -40 to +60°С

Remote control device IR 513-10 has two design versions: IR 513-10 and IR 513-10 isp.1:

  • IR 513-10 - with one group of switching contacts at single board;
  • IR 513-10 isp.1 - with two groups of switching contacts at two boards.

IR remote control device transmits tripping signal to two-wire communication line with button pressing. Activation is possible only if force of at least 25N is applied. After force removal, the remote control device remains activated. For button reset, it is necessary to press a lock (through the hole in the middle of the button) using key in the scope of supply or any rod of max 3mm diameter. Color flag, changing position in case of tripping, provides the remote control device state information.

IR consists of the base and housing. A PCB(s) with terminal box for the AL cabling is mounted on the base.

IR performance:

  • no power supply of IR is required;
  • modified tripping mechanism;
  • at button pressing, color flag appears - mechanical indicator of IR button pressing. When button is reset, the flag comes to initial position.
  • IR's housing is made of impact- and wear-resistant material ABS;
  • compact overall dimensions and modern design of housing.
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