OPOP 124-7 12 V sound-and-light fire alarm device

OPOP 124-7 12 V sound-and-light fire alarm device is intended for audible warning signals generation in security and fire alarm systems, as well as for annunciation in case of abnormal situations, such as actuation of dry chemical, gas or water-based fire fighting systems and other events.
Supply voltage, from the DC mains 12 V
Current consumption
 - of sound alarm no more than 35 mA
 - of light alarm no more than 10 mA
Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m at least 100 dB
Audio signal frequency range 2-4 kHz
Overall dimensions 87x88х44 mm

Ingress protection rating IP 41
Weight 90 g
Operating temperature range from -45 to +55 °C
OPOP 124-7 12 V combined fire alarm device is intended for connection to 12V DC power supply.

OPOP 124-7 12 V has the following features:
  • ergonomic and modern design that meets the requirements of any customer;
  • the design of the case of combined alarm device allows for its outdoor use;
  • the device is designed so that it can be fastened on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces;
  • the alarm is protected against ingress of solid particles (dust) and vertical dropping;
  • low current consumption of the fire alarm device allows for considerable reduction of electricity costs, as well as capacity costs of used power supply;
  • the alarm remains functional after application to outputs of reverse voltage;
  • microprocessor-based setting of signal frequency;
  • these sound fire alarm devices are produced in two colour versions: red and red and white.

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