"RUBEZH" Group of Companies

The Research and production company RUBEZH is the largest manufacturer of engineering safety systems for the facilities of different purpose and size in Russia and CIS countries. The RUBEZH TM products are presented in the most significant industrial spheres: security and fire alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing, CCTV, access control systems, public address and voice evacuation system, monitoring and situation control software, cable products. 

Today along with own developments and technologies the RUBEZH Company has production capacity represented by 4 plants, the unique test equipment center, the design and engineering department and the training center. The RUBEZH team mission is to make today's world safer, creating innovative technical solutions and products!

For these reason the Company has the skilled specialists and creates the whole system of procedures, and processes to ensure quality on each stage of design, manufacturing and output product test, providing cooperation with our customers and partners.


  • Customers inquiry fast response
  • Optimal solution selection
  • Integrated solutions in security systems
  • Customized solutions
  • Engineering and design support
  • Training courses for security system specialists


RUBEZH is focused on the own security systems production engineering and optimization. We aim for continuous improvement of our products design and manufacturing, engaging the best engineers and involving international cooperation. The RUBEZH specialists regularly monitor new opportunities and innovative solutions that are capable to develop our products and technologies quality.


Cooperating with our customers and partners, sharing experience with professional community in Russian and international forums, we develop new techniques for security management. Today our ideas are focused not only on the new methods of emergencies detection but also on their prediction.


Before products get the RUBEZH Science and Engineering Research Board approval and enter serial production, they undergo the obligatory computer simulation of design and operating conditions and concept 3D-modeling. Pilot run passes the full cycle of checks in the Test Equipment Center laboratories in order to verify designed specifications.


Security devices manufacturing is carried out in four plants having ranges and areas specialized both in design and security. Here the major focus is on the process automation and eco-technologies integration.